Metering Dispense Valve Range

2600-033 Metering Dispense Valve

2600-033 Metering Dispense Valve

  • Volumetrically Meters Small Precise Shot Sizes

  • Dispense from 0.2 cc up to 2.0 cc per shot

  • Manual Pre-set of Shot Size Adjustment

  • Double-Acting Divorced Air/Material Design

  • Abrasion Resistant 'PolyPak' Seal

  • Improved Volume Accuracy Over Timed Shot Dispensing

  • NPT Material Inlet/Outlet Ports

  • Slotted Body for Bracket Mounting; Hole for 3/8" dia. rod

Typical Applications

  • Dispensing Lubricants, Sealants and Adhesives

  • Manual Dispensing with Fixed or Movable Arm

  • XYZ Automated Dispensing Applications

  • Fixtured Automation or Robot Tool Mounted Dispensing

  • Automated and High Speed Repetitive Dispensing


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