2 Component Valve Accessories


Sealant Equipment and Engineering manufactures a wide variety of 1-Part Dispense Valve Accessories that control pressure, volume and flow rate of 1-Part adhesives, sealants and lubricants.

Disposable Mixer Nozzles

Disposable Mixer Nozzles
Mixer Shrouds

Mixer Shrouds
2-Part Swirl Pattern Applicators

2-Part Swirl Pattern Applicators
Precision Tips

Precision Tips
Check Valves

Valve Inlet Check Valves
and Fittings
Material Regulators

Material Regulators
Also Available

High-Pressure Fluid Filters


Valve Fluid and Air Hoses; Sensors; Cables

Timed Dispense Control Panels


Stream Tips



No-Flush Disposable Static Mixers & Accessories

Sealant Equipment & Engineering offers a large selection of No-Flush mixer nozzles and accessories for automated and manual dispensing valves for 2-part adhesive and sealant applications.  Unless otherwise specified, each dispensing system includes a quantity of mixing nozzles matched for the application.  We offer mix nozzles and these accessories for 2-Part Meter Mix and Dispense systems:

  • No-Flush Mixers
  • Luer-Lok Nozzles
  • Flow Dividers
  • Metal Shrouds
  • Universal Collars
  • Pre-Mixer Elements
  • Luer-Lok Adapters
  • Grease Caps
  • Dynamic Mixers

2151-Series No-Flush™ Disposable Static Mixers & Shrouds


  • Adapts to 2200-250 & 2200-545 2-Part Dispense Valves

  • Large selection of diameters and number of mix elements for viscosity, flow rate & mixing requirements

  • Places an extruded or streamed bead onto the part accurately

  • Dispenses materials at low and high flow rates

  • Orifice size is variable by trimming the tip

Typical Applications

  • Extruded bead dispensing

  • Stream bead dispensing

  • Potting, Bonding, Sealing

  • Robotic, Automated and manual dispensing

  • 2-part Adhesives

  • 2-part Sealants

  • Hem Flange Adhesives

  • Over Hem Sealants

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