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If you dispense 1 or 2-component fluids such as acrylics, adhesives, catalysts, epoxy, glues, greases, lubricants, mastics, polyurethanes, PVC sealers, resins, sealants, silicones, sound deadeners or urethanes then, dispensing machines and complete product solutions are available for your adhesive, sealant and lubricating dispense applications from Sealant Equipment & Engineering. We offer simple bench top dispensers up through automated, XYZ and robotic metering systems for manual dispense, semi-automatic dispensing and fully integrated dispenser processes. Sealant Equipment & Engineering meter mix and dispense systems for 2-component adhesives and sealants are assembled from our meters, pumps, tanks and mix dispense valves selections to meet your exact application. Their dispense valve products offer a wide variety of 1 and 2-part applicators, metering and fluid control valves for your existing dispensing machines and meter-mixing systems or new complete dispensing equipment. Let us send you a quote for a precision quality, reliable metering, mixing or dispensing system engineered, manufactured and installed by our production trained personnel for your exact application and material requirements.



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