SeeFlo® 7 Adjustable Ratio Meter Mix Dispensing System

An adjustable ratio dispensing system for 2 part adhesives, sealants & encapsulants

The SeeFlo® 7 is an air powered, adjustable ratio meter / mix system for dispensing low to medium viscosity, two component adhesives and sealants, either continuously or in measured shots.

Continuous or Shot Dispensing

The SeeFlo® 7 has the unique ability to be configured for dispensing precisely mixed material either continuously (operator controlled) or as measured shots (pre-set volume).

Alternatively, why not combine with our Program-A-Shot™ electronic volumetric dispense package, which offers up to 30 user programmable shot volumes via a simple DTAM control panel interface.


Variable Ratio

The metered ratio may be changed by simply repositioning, and locking, one of the metering pumps. The ratio may be set at any position in the range and remains constant throughout the dispense cycle. In-line ratio check gauges allow the user to monitor the system's metering operation and also serve as a maintenance aid for fast fault diagnosis.

Ratio Range

A SeeFlo® 7's ratio range depends on the meter pumps selected. Models are available to proportion ratios from 1:1 up to 56:1 parts by volume.

Metering and Dispensing

Positive displacement, double acting pumps precisely proportion the A & B material components. Mixed material is dispensed continuously without reload delays and virtually pulse free. Dispensing is via an automatic air operated or manual dispense valve available in either a No-Drip® or Snuf-Bak® format to prevent material dripping or stringing after shut off.

Solvent Not Needed

The No-Flush™ disposable plastic mixer nozzle thoroughly blends the two resin materials while eliminating the need to solvent flush the mixer.

Rugged and Simple to Operate

Dispensing air free shots of thoroughly mixed material is accomplished with ease is actuated either by a foot pedal, fixture mounted proximity switch / line controller or by a manual trigger on the dispense valve handle.

Material Supply

(Not shown in photograph); select from supply / pressurised tanks in varying sizes with or without agitators; transfer pumps.

Optional Components

Electronic controls (including PLC's) Stainless steel components
Dynamic mixers Heated material hoses
Resin or solvent purge / Auto Purge / Purge Timer Multiple dispense guns
Shot counter Material supply tanks (numerous options)
Program-A-Shot Package Material supply pumps (numerous options)


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