Filter manufacture using 2200-727 Snuf-Bak™ Valve


Dispensing Abrasive PVC Plastisol

A leading multi-national Filter Manufacturer based in South Wales, manufactures an extensive range of filter assemblies for the automotive industry.

2200-727 Abrasion Resistant Snuf-Bak ValveFilters are manufactured by dispensing a single part PVC Plastisol into a rotating end cap mould and immersing the end of the filter medium and support cages into the liquid PVC. This is then transported via conveyor through a tunnel oven where the PVC cures to a flexible rubber like consistency. The mould is unpacked and the process repeated with the other end of the filter - the result is a filter medium with a annular rubber ring moulded on each end.

Fairly straight forward you might say, but no. PVC Plastisol is extremely abrasive and as this leading filter manufacturer found, none of the dispense valves they had been using could stand up to more than 2 weeks before springing a leak from their seals requiring immediate maintenance. The operators on the line, being paid piece work were obviously put out as the line would be shut down while the offending valve was replaced, to be repaired later.

Until Integrated Dispensing Systems came along (1994), the maintenance engineers accepted that the short service life on the valves installed was the norm and just put up with it.

We told them that we had a solution for them …. our 2200-727 Abrasion Resistant Snuf-Bak™ Dispense Valve. They were sceptical at first to say the least, but were prepared to listen when we offered them a free trial valve to go on their line.

Installation was effortless and so we left them to get on with it. Weeks went by, and then it was 3 months when they called us. The valve was still working fine and they wanted to buy it off us, plus a load more on top. They were so pleased with the performance that they decided to replace all their old valves (incidentally manufactured by who we consider to be our most competent competitor), with the 2200-727 valve.

At 13 months, the first valve supplied, started to show minimal signs of leakage and it was decided that it was well due for an overhaul, a simple 5 minute operation with our standard service kit. Needless to say, they are still using our valves to date and are very happy with them.

Our valves do cost more than any of the competition, but there is a reason for this - they are designed to withstand tough production environments and are built to last. No wonder Sealant Equipment & Engineering Inc. are unique in offering a 2 year limited warranty on all their products - they are confident no-body is going to need to use it. Their confidence has kept them in business for over 30 years now.

If you are a filter manufacturer and want to save money on maintenance and lost production - give us a call.