Structural Bonding in Satellite Dish Manufacture


Integrated Dispensing System's SeeFlo® 494 is a bead dispensing system designed to meet industry's highest performance standards for structural bonding applications.

18m Dish AntennaeVertex Communications in Texas, USA uses the SeeFlo® 494 to dispense a Lord Corporation structural epoxy adhesive. It is used to bond the 'skin' onto the superstructure of a communications satellite dish. This Lord Corporation material requires all wetted parts on the dispensing machine to be manufactured of stainless steel.

The cart mounted SeeFlo® 494 system was supplied with 2 off stainless steel 5 gallon pumps to deliver the two component material into the SeeFlo® 494 metering cylinders from the drum. To enable easy access to all parts of the satellite assembly, the portable Vertex dispense system included a boom assembly, 30' dispense hose set and hand held dispense gun utilising disposable motionless mixers.

Typical SeeFlo 494 systemThe SeeFloŽ 494 meter/mix system dispenses precisely sized beads of high viscosity two component adhesives or sealants onto typical structural materials such as galvanised sheet metal, fibreglass reinforced plastic, or sheet moulded compound. Materials dispensed include: epoxy, polysulphide, polyurethane, silicone, and acrylic. Designed for use in high volume, manual and automated applications which typically involve robots, the SeeFlo® 494's wear resistant components are ideal for use with filled, highly abrasive materials.

The SeeFlo® 494 incorporates long life, easy-to-service components within a positive displacement metering rod design. With its reliable AirDraulic flow control system and PLC line interface, the machine may be integrated into a fully automated robot work cell or run as a stand-alone system.

The single-acting meter system is available for ratios from 1:1 through 10:1 parts by volume. Maximum shot size (total volume dispensed per shot) for a 1:1 ratio material is up to 154 cm3. The volumetric ratio of the material will affect the maximum shot size.